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Loving words from Birth Within Doula's clients and more

Ashley has been such a help to me. As a first time mom I had tons of questions and she patiently answered each one... To have someone readily available during such a significant time in my life was helpful. She was knowledgeable and supportive and I would recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a doula, but if you're not looking for support during labor, use her as a postpartum doula. It's seriously amazing to have that extra support during your 4th trimester!

Joslynn F.

Ashley was a perfect doula and attended to my needs throughout my pregnancy, labor and birth. From the first contraction until my baby was placed on my chest, she guided me through that journey with her soft words and encouragement. When I was feeling as if I couldn't go on anymore, she used different tactics to help me through it. Her presence and support helped me birth my beautiful baby girl.

Bryanna S.

Having Ashley be a part of our son's birth was one of the very best decisions we made in our birth preparations! She was an educated guide, a calm presence and a delightful part of our birth journey. She went above and beyond, over and over for us, and we couldn't recommend more highly having Ashley a part of everyone's birth team.

Emily P.

Ashley was a huge support with my VBAC home birth. She helped me process and come to terms with my previous c-section, and to feel ready and secure in my choice to have my second son at home. She is a tender and capable doula, who I highly recommend. 

Kelly C.

Ashley was amazing to work with. My labor was long and hard and ended up having to move forward with an emergency c-section. Ashley was there every step of the way - encouraging me and supporting me. During the procedure, having Ashley in the operating room was such a blessing. She partnered well with my husband and together they were able to create a peaceful labor and a good experience in the OR... I am so grateful she was a part of our birth story.

Bethany H.

Ashley was exactly what I needed. I had a VBAC and there's no way I would have been able to do it without her! I received a lot of pressure from my OB to have a repeat c-section; for no medical reason. Ashley helped me remain calm and confident in my decision to continue to pursue a VBAC; despite pressure from my doctor, being past my due date, and losing confidence in myself. She stayed by my side throughout my long induction, kept me calm, eased my fears, and ultimately kept me from having a repeat c-section. I am forever grateful to her for supporting me in having a wonderful, healing birth. Would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Laura W.

Ashley was an amazing source of support. She's always available to answer a text or a call, meets up regularly to talk and chat in person, has a witty humor like no other which is so refreshing, is so supportive of every decision, and ended up being a good friend in the end. Unfortunately due to COVID, she was not able to be in the room when my son was born, but she was texting the entire time offering so much help. I will 100% hire her for my next child and have already recommended her to a few pregnant friends.

Aspen I.

Ashley is an awesome doula. As a midwife I recommend all of my clients at least meet her. She offers the perfect amount of support, calm and peaceful energy that a birthing woman needs. Ashley has lots of experience with birth, what is normal, and how to help a woman accomplish her goals. She specializes in helping VBAC mamas, as she had a VBAC with her most recent birth. Having a doula at your birth, to me, is more of a necessary than a luxury. If you hire Ashley, you will not be disappointed!

Justine Waldram - Pure Birth

This woman is incredible. Her strength, passion, and kindheartedness has made a true impact on me. She holds immense passion for human rights, women's rights, and I can assure you would be hiring the cream of the crop advocate in the case of a hospital birth. Not on does she care about women and the right to choice, but she understands the unspoken roles in the birth room. She is comfort when you need it, strength when you need it, and she gets along well with so many. I highly, highly recommend Ashley and the services she provides. As a fellow birth worker (midwife) in this community, I have worked along side her and have not one bad thing to say . She is a wonderful woman and would be nothing but an asset to your birth support team!

Alia Clark - Kinship Midwifery

We were lucky enough to be paired with Ashley for the birth of our second son. My first birth was  c-section and we wanted to try for a vbac with our second, and thanks to Ashley, we were successful! Ashley was our original doula's back up doula and we were so happy we had her there for our labor and birth! Ashley was calm, knowledgeable, empathetic, and present for every aspect of our induced labor. She helped me labor smartly, and calmly, and stayed with us overnight in the hospital for over 20 hours. Our birth experience was wonderful thanks to her. Ashley even followed up with us in the days, weeks, and even months after, even though our original doula was back on duty. Ashley is a smart, caring, experienced doula whom we would recommend to any mother-to-be!

Kristine R.

My experience with Ashley is one I'll never forget and I hope to be connected with her for life. She is such a special human and I'm thankful I found her and chose her to be our doula for the birth of our second son. She kept me grounded during a very challenging pregnancy and helped me have the birth experience I so longed for. I was able to have an unmedicated vbac with her by my side. She is calming, down to earth, funny, and a wealth of knowledge. I can wholeheartedly say that my experience would not have been what it was had she not been there for me.

Katy S.