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Frequently asked questions

Why hire a doula?
Whether your first or your fifth, having a doula can be beneficial in creating a laboring space for you that is filled with positivity and encouragement (and a lot of love, too). Doula support is much more than holding your legs or reassuring you that baby will come; it is a trusted relationship that reinforces the way you birth your baby, on your terms. 

What is a doula?
Physical, emotional and informational labor companion for a mother and her birthing team. All birth is beautiful, so a doula will provide a safe, non-judgmental, non-bias space so you can have the birth you deserve.

When should I hire a doula?
As early as you want! The moment that you feel adding a doula to your birth team is the right fit for your family, reach out. At Birth Within Doula, we offer free consultations; this gives us a chance to meet and get to know each other without strings attached. If we are a right fit, then we can start you on your pregnancy journey with the additional support that you need.

What do visits look like?
At your first two prenatal visit we will discuss the type of birth you envision having, go over anything prenatally that is worth noting (including maternal history), and talk about your birth preferences. During the last prenatal visit we will finalize your preferences, prep and rehearse labor (positioning, vocalization, wants and needs, preparing your birthing space if in home, etc.) and go over any additional wants and needs for you. 
At your first two postpartum visit we will talk about your birth, fawn over baby and you, address any breastfeeding topics you would like to go over or need help with and I will answer any questions you may have. At your last postpartum visit we will cover what we went over in the first visit and reflect on your birth. This will give you an opportunity to offer any feedback for my support. 
Keep in mind that these visits are tailored to you and the care that you desire and need. So while we may cover these things, there could be more that we could talk about or that you would want to go over. I want your care to be exactly how you need it to be!

What if I want more than three visits (prenatally and/or postpartum)? Is that possible?
Absolutely! Support isn't a one-size-fits-all package; sometimes you just need that additional facetime support. You are able to schedule additional visits, both prenatally and postpartum, for $25/hour.

What setting do you support clients in?
I am available for home birth & birthing center birth. I currently only support c-section or VBAC birthing persons in the hospital. I support clients in San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties.  

I'm having a c-section - do I still need a doula?
I believe a doula is beneficial no matter how you birth your baby. A doula can bring a still and peaceful space into an otherwise fast-paced and medical room so you can bring your baby earth side with empowerment. Whether elective (planned) or decided on later in pregnancy, I will still be able to prepare you for birth and put together your birth preferences (yes, you can still have preferences in the operating room!). The prenatal visit total will remain the same, however; postpartum healing is quite different, so I do offer an extended first postpartum visit. Please refer to my cesarean section offering for more details. 

How do you offer support to my partner?
A doula doesn't just offer support to the birthing person - a doula is there for her partner and any other support persons attending your birth. I will teach techniques to your partner that will help assist with labor; I will remind them to eat, drink fluids and get rest; I will give them tasks if I see that they might need to stay busy; and I will encourage them through this amazing labor and birth journey. It is important that everyone in the room feels supported and loved!

Do you offer payment plans? And what payment options are available?
I work with families of all incomes, so payment plans are available. I believe everyone deserves a doula and will try my best to accommodate families as needed so my services are not a financial burden. I accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo.

How many clients do you take in a month?
I accept two clients a month.

What if you're at another birth, or unavailable, when I go into labor?
We have an amazing community of doulas who love to support one another. I myself have been a backup doula and it is such a joy to help provide support for another family while being able to help another doula out. If I am attending another birth or out of town, I will be sure to have a backup doula at the ready for you. 

What area (geographically) do you cover? 
I currently service Atascadero, Morro Bay/Cayucous, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, the Five Cities, Nipomo and Santa Maria.