Extra Care

There can be a lot more to prenatal and postpartum care than appointments, visits and ultrasounds. I've put together a few extra offerings to help customize your pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum experience so you can focus on you and baby and your amazing birth journey that is to be.

Extra Care

Taking care of you after birth is so important but often gets overlooked. As your doula, I can come in and help you prepare for the first few weeks postpartum. This will help not just you get as much rest as possible, but help your family out as a whole so you can really soak up that time with baby. These offerings can be adjusted to fit your family needs and are available any time during your pregnancy and fourth trimester.


-Meal prep
-Birth kit prep
-Sitz bath prep
-Padsicle prep
-Baby/mama station set up
-Breast pump/bottle sanitation and washing
-Any additional prep and planning


Postpartum Care Basket

Labor can really wear you out. This little care basket can help pamper you and give you a little love without much effort. I will hand-select items and package them beautifully in a nice basket. This basket can be tailored to your wants and needs, but will typically include:


-Lip balm
-Tea/coffee blend
-Bath salts/bath bomb
-Face mask

-$20-30 (prices can vary)