Cesarean Doula Offering

If you are having a repeat cesarean section, I am here for you. Having a c-section can be a difficult decision to make and no matter how resolved you are in that decision, you may feel that additional support is something you will need. You may need time to adjust if this your first c-section, or support in what the process is and the recovery time will be like, and support in the operating and recovery rooms. Whatever that support looks like to you, I am here for you and your birthing partner. Belly births are still births and they still need support.

-3 prenatal visits to discuss your birth  and prepare your home for recovery
-Unlimited phone/text and email support throughout pregnancy
-Access to resources and my personal library
-Birth preference planning
-Birth prep (talk about the cesarean)
-Birth support; emotional, informational and physical support throughout check-in, cesarean prep and delivery, and up to 2 hours after delivery
-Breastfeeding support after delivery
-24 & 48 hour check-in after delivery
-1 (2 hour) postpartum visit in your home to help you in your recovery and talk about your birth
-2 (1 hour) postpartum visit in your home to reflect on your birth, offer breastfeeding support, baby care and answer any questions you may have
-Additional visits: $25/hr 


*In order to offer support in the operating room, you will need to discuss this with your caregiver and check your hospital policies. If hospital policy and/or caregiver does not allow additional support in the operating room besides spouse, I will be with you during cesarean prep (check-in, vitals, and while you wait) and immediately after in recovery, and until you are out of recovery. The anesthesiologist is also the one who makes the final decision on additional support persons in theater.

I work with families of all incomes, so payment plans are available. I believe everyone deserves a doula and will try my best to accommodate families as needed so my services are not a financial burden.